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Know Your Rights When A Loved One Is Killed

If your loved one died because someone’s carelessness caused a fatal accident, you may have a potential wrongful death claim. The careless or negligent driver may have been impaired by drugs of alcohol, texting while driving, or driving on too little sleep. As a close family member, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim if medical malpractice such as doctor error or nursing home injuries caused the loss.

At the Law Office of Toby M. Schaffer in Stamford, we represent Connecticut and New York clients who have lost loved ones. Contact us for a free, confidential consultation. Attorney Toby M. Schaffer brings decades of experience in trial litigation, and will explain how the laws in your state apply to your wrongful death claim.

If you decide to pursue compensation for your loss, you pay no attorney fees unless we make a recovery on your behalf. Call 203-883-9853 today.

Earning Your Trust In Your Time Of Need

The death of a loved one in a fatal car accident caused by reckless driving is one of the most difficult situations a family can face. Not only are you deprived of the emotional love and support of your family member, you may also face an economic loss, including:

  • Income loss from the time of death to retirement
  • Insurance benefits, including medical and dental
  • Retirement income loss and reduced inheritance
  • Costs of medical and funeral expenses

If we can prove that the careless motorist intended to hurt or kill, we may be able to pursue additional punitive damages in special cases.

If you believe you have a valid wrongful death claim, please do not delay in making an appointment to consult with us Both Connecticut and New York have deadlines and statutes of limitation that make it impossible to file a claim after a certain period.

Building A Strong Case

We can help you gather evidence to prove your wrongful death claim, including:

  • Police and accident reports
  • Medical reports
  • Witnesses to the accident or medical malpractice occurrence
  • Physical evidence
  • Expert witnesses to prove your claim

Put Our Experience On Your Side

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